Section 1: Matter Exists in Space and Time
About Newton's Mechanics and Calculus ~ 1687
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1.00   Matter Exists in Space and Time Excerpt A0098-  1

Physics is learned from educators and by study of books which describe physical reality in scientific We start with matter, space and time.

♦   Test Item ~ Shear Pin A9980-  4
♦   Prove: (A - B)² = A² - 2AB + B² Excerpt A0680-  2

Physics uses algebra and algebra uses geometry. As a "refresher" exercise
prove: (A - B)² = A² - 2AB + B².

1.01   Basic Methodology A0098-  3
♦   Theorem of Pythagoras A0920-  4
♦   Eratosthanes' Experiment A0930-  5
♦   Drilling Rig Visibility A1040-  6
♦   Prove: ( -1 ) x ( -1 ) = 1 A1160-  7
1.02   Position: the First Vector A1220-  8
♦   Pharaoh's Engineers Excerpt A1900-  9

The Great Pyramid of Egypt was constructed to precise proportions. A hypothesis is that the pyramid was constructed to fit inside an imaginary hemisphere with each of its corners and its peak touching the hemisphere. Suppose the hypothesis were true. Calculate the resulting angle each face would make with the horizontal plane of the desert.

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♦   Vectors Contain Trigonometry A2019- 10
1.03   Steps to Integrate A3850- 11
♦   Crank, Rod and Piston Excerpt A2040- 12

f The connected mechanical parts whereby explosive combustion becomes power of a rotating shaft are called "power trains." The simplest arrangement, crank-rod-piston, shown. Engine designers must know precicely the position and speed of the piston face for every position of the crank. The math tool, vectors, makes this task logically systematic.

♦   Ladder-Boom Rescue Truck A2070-13
♦   Quick Return Mechanism A2074-14
♦   Dog and Pony Show A2080-15
1.03   Basic Terms and Tools A2085-16
1.04   Models of Reality A2090-17
1.05   Motion in Space A2200-18
1.06   Velocity: the First Derivative A2310-19
1.07   Mass Equation: BODY A2380-20
1.08   Momentum: BODY A2500-21
1.09   Derivative of Momentum: BODY A2620-22
1.10   About:  f = ma A2740-23
1.11   Uniform Motion A2981-24
1.12   Constant Momentum Integrations A3020-25
♦   Valentino's Wake A3100-26
♦   Dog Greets Owners ExcerptA3200-27

When detail is omitted, approximation is required.
"A dog runs back and forth between its two owners, who are walking toward one another... What distance will the dog have traveled when the three meet?"

♦   Yacht and Sea Buoy A3410-28
♦   Scissor Jack A3510-29
♦   Dog Greets Owners A3200-30
♦   Train Passes Two Boys Excerpt A3660-31

Two boys, walking beside railroad tracks heard a train approaching from behind. The older boy knew the city train speeds limit was 30 mph. He and his buddy walked about 3 feet per second. When the nose of the engine was abreast of them, the smaller boy began to count. The count, the instant the caboose passed, was, "... 34 seconds." A moment later, the older boy said, "... only about 1400 feet long."

♦   Civil War Memorial A3770-32
1.13   Steps to Integrate A3850-33
1.14   Measurement of μMEarth A3990-34
1.15   Weight and Weighing A4060-35
♦   Hand Supports a Mass A4100-36
♦   Lunar "Carry-Off" Luggage A4200-37
♦   Ten Pounds of Potatoes A4280-38
1.16   Vectors: BODY A4339-39
1.17   Notations: Position and Velocity A4340-40
1.18   Value, Slope and Curvature A4380-41
1.19   Differentiation: Time-Dependent Integral A4400-42
♦   Blue Ocean Towing ExcerptA4410- 43
In the Davis Strait, a massive ice slab has cleaved from the ice-shelf and is drifting toward an oil rig. Our largest tug, (pulling constantly at 90° to the current), will drag the slab off-course so it passes abreast of the oil rig, at a distance no closer than 4000 meters. Calculate the towing force required of the tug to accomplish the task.
1.20   Gravity at Altitudes A4500-44
♦   Projectile Arcs A4600-45
1.21   Events in Time A4680-46
♦   Galileo's Inclined Plane A4740-47
♦   Acceleration Initial Condition A4744-48
1.22   Omitted Forces A5120-49
♦   Parachutists Drag Force A5200-50
♦   God Lifted Earth I A6000-51
♦   God Lifted Earth II A6001-52
♦   Point Blank A8400-53
♦   Shot Tower A8480-54
1.23   Momentum Equation: BODY A9680-55
1.24   Mom Eqn Component Form: BODY A9700-56
♦   Geo-stationary Orbits A9800-57
1.25   Vector Basis: Circular Motion A9820-58
♦   Pseudo-Force Centrifugal A9830-59
♦   Polar versus Equatorial Weight A9840-60
♦   Kinematics of Bar AB A9842-61
♦   Lift-Off Acceleration A9846-62
1.26   Method, System and Numbers A9850-63
1.27   Newton's Analytic Method A9855-64
Section 2: Ideal Fluids
About Fluids, Pressure and Hydrostatics
Section Advance:  1     3   4  5
2.00   Ideal Fluids B0100-65
2.01   Mass, Density and Volume B0150-66
♦   LNG Tanker B0250-67
♦   Sphere, Tank, and Water B0350-68
♦   Concrete Mixture B0400-69
♦   Hurricane Wilma B0600-70
♦   Torricelli's Barometer B0800-71
2.02   Standard Atmospheric B1000-72
2.03   Hydrostatic Equation B1100-73
2.04   Hydrostatic Solutions B1150-74
♦   Pascal's Experiment B1300-75
♦   Density of Fluid "A" B1400-76
♦   Air, Oil, Cable Support Rod B1410-77
♦   Water Barometer B1600-78
♦   Piezometer B1800-79
♦   Manometer and Bourdon Gages B2000-80
2.05   Classical Piston and Cylinder Excerpt B2200-  81

The ideal (leakproof and frictionless) piston/cylinder apparatus is useful.

2.06   Pressure in a Jet B2300-82
2.07   Pressure Terminology B2400-83
♦   Pressure Calculations B2600-84
♦   Pressure of the Void B2900-85
♦   Cave Diver B3000-86
♦   Wilma's Surge B3100-87
♦   Off-Shore Natural Gas B3250-88
♦   U-tube B3260-89
♦   Bubble-Tube Depth Gage B3300-90
♦   Monster Tires B3350-91
♦   Floating Buoyancy B3680-92
♦   Volume of a Sculpture B3700-93
♦   Arctic Shelf Ice B3900-94
2.08   Ideal Gas and its Temperature B4050-95
♦   Using the Ideal Gas Equation Excerpt B5600-96
♦   Majic Fountain B5700-97
♦   Casting Rail Wheels B5800-97
♦   Professor Foghorn's Gage B6000-98
♦   Abandoned Car B6300-99
♦   First Equestrian Ascent B6500-100
♦   Otto Von Guericke B6540-101
♦   Victor Regnault B6800-102
♦   Roof-Top Exit B7000-103
♦   Two Tanks B7200-104
♦   Ocean of Air B7500-105
♦   Hand Lotion Event B7800-106
2.09   Gas Equation Validity B8000-107
♦   Fuel Cell Mass Proportions B8500-108
♦   Nuclear Waste B8800-109
Section 3: Work, Energy and Heat
Extensions of Newton's Ideas: Energy and Work
Section Advance:  1  2      4  5
3.00   Work, Energy Discussion: BODY C0050-110
3.01   Work and Kinetic Energy: BODY C0250-111
3.02   Work and Potential Energy: BODY C0350-112
3.03   Extrinsic Energy Equation C0420-113
♦   Champagne Cork Trajectory C0700-114
♦   Perfect Bounce C0850-115
♦   Kids Clean the Garage C1000-116
♦   Planet Gizmo C1150-117
♦   Slap Shot C1300-118
♦   Bilge Pump Work C1450-119
♦   Buoy Lift I C1500-120
♦   Buoy Lift II C1505-121
♦   Tank with a Movable Wall C1800-122
3.04   Work Considerations C1900-123
♦   Hawk's Nest C1950-117
♦   Back Squat C1970-118
♦   Rock Climb C1980-119
♦   Work to Draw the Castle Bridge C2100-120
♦   Elephant Weighs Teak C2250-121
♦   Polaris Scale Model C2400-122
♦   Work of Aircraft Drag C2420-123
♦   Choice of Workers: A or B C2700-124
♦   Pushing a Crate Uphill C2850-125
♦   Boy in a Wheelchair C2870-126
3.05   Work as "on" or "by" C3000-127
♦   Optimized Work C3150-128
♦   Drunk Driving Awareness Excerpt C3300-129

♦   Wreck at Batavia C3450-130
♦   Rock Falls on Spring C3500-131
3.06   System: Selection and Isolation C3650-132
3.07   Forklift Events C3800-133
3.08   Energy Equation: BODY C3950-134
3.09   Internal Energy: the Particle Perspective C4100-135
3.10   Compression Work C4150-136
3.11   Energy: SUBSTANCE C4220-137
♦   Batch Mix Event C4280-138
3.12   Constant Pressure Events: IG C4400-139
3.13   Frictionless Adiabatic Process: IG C4460-140
3.14   About Enthalpy C4500-141
3.15   About Entropy C5120-142
♦   Blowgun Hunter C5250-143
♦   Skateboard Skill C5375-144
♦   Newman's Annihilator C5500-145
♦   Kids on a Swing C5580-146
♦   SCUBA Horsepower C5600-147
♦   What is cos(θ + 60°)? C5660-148
3.16   About Heat C5700-149
♦   Hot, Heat, Cold... etc C5720-148
3.17   Heat and Work Sign Conventions C5800-150
3.18   Energy Equation I: SUBSTANCE C5900-151
3.19   Energy Equation II: SUBSTANCE C6000-152
3.20   Polytropic Processes C6100-153
3.21   Events of Ideal Gases C6200-154
3.22   Rotational Kinetic Energy C6300-155
♦   Air Pistol C6400-156
♦   Air/Water Mortar C6500-157
♦   Linear Elastic Substance C6500-158
♦   Tank, Spring and Heater C6600-158
♦   Candle Beneath a Piston C6700-159
♦   Average Force to Brake C6800-160
3.23   Mean Value Theorem C6900-161
♦   Vacuum Launched Rocket C7000-162
♦   Hot Shot C7100-163
3.24   Simple Springs C7110-164
♦   Bungee Jumper Excerpt C7300-165

Design and setup of bungee jumping ropes is a "life or death" matter. Done wrong, we read about it in the newspapers. The rail of the New River Gorge Bridge passes 785 feet above the surface of the slow, trickling stream, the New River. Our jumper, a 120 pound "living-dangerous" lady, wants ropes set so at the bottom of her jump she can grab a fist of water from the river.

♦   Box between Two Springs C7400-166
♦   Washer Switch C7500-167
3.24   Complex Substances C7500-167
3.25   Energy Rates and Power C7700-168
♦   Elevator Speed C7900-169
♦   Gravity Work-Rate C7905-170
3.26   Shaft Work C8100-171
♦   Ship's Reduction Gear C8200-172
♦   Horsepower of an Ox C8300-173
♦   Truck Least Horsepower C8400-174
♦   Tank Locomotion C8420-175
♦   Cyclist Power C8440-176
♦   Car Drives Uphill C8460-177
♦   18-Wheeler Safe Braking Speed C8500-178
♦   Atwood's Machine C8600-179
♦   Deadweight Compactors C8800-180
♦   Pulling Sheet Piles C9000-181
Section 4: Thermodynamic Properties
Matter is Made Quantitative by its Properties
Section Advance:  1  2   3    5
4.00   Thermodynamic Properties D0020-182
4.01   Phases at 1 Atmosphere D0040-183
4.02   Normal Properties of Water D0050-184
4.03   Energy Equation: Constant Pressure D0100-185
♦   Chef Thickens the Soup D0500-186
♦   When will the Teapot Whistle? D1500-187
♦   Water at One Atmosphere D2500-188
♦   Citrus Concentrate D3400-189
♦   Microwave Coffee D3800-190
♦   Grease Fire Experiment D4000-191
4.04   Steam Tables D4020-192
♦   Yardley's Extractor D4200-193
♦   Stone Boiling D5400-194
♦   Atmospheric Engine D5600-195
♦   Pressure Cooker D5800-196
♦   Emergency Power MS D6000-197
♦   Neon Signage D6200-198
♦   Leaded Pipe Joint D6800-199
♦   Specific Heat Calculation D7280-200
♦   Space Shuttle Re-entry D8000-201
♦   Copper Block Slides on Ice D8600-202
♦   Sausage Preparation D8600-203
♦   Ice versus Dry Ice Comparison D8620-204
♦   1861 - Rifle Musket D9100-205
♦   Laser Retina Surgery D9220-206


Section 5: Thermodynamic Analysis
Analysis Explains or Predicts Simple Events
Section Advance:  1  2   3  4
5.00   Thermodynamic Analysis E0900-207
5.01   Mass Equation E1120-208
♦   Trans Alaska Pipeline E1340-209
5.02   System Perspective E1560-210
♦   Dig Suez E1780-211
♦   Linear Valve E2000-212
5.03   Leibnitz's Calculus E2220-213
5.04   Linear Mass Equation E2440-214
♦   Pipe Pig E2660-215
♦   Boost Pump E2880-216
♦   Freeze-Dried Rattlesnakes E3100-217
♦   Civil Rights Memorial E3320-218
♦   Flow Through an Expansion E3340-219
♦   Depth of Wine E3760-220
♦   Extruded Rod E3980-221
5.05   Momentum Equation E4200-222
♦   Reaction of a Jet E4220-223
♦   Jet-Ski - Static Pull E4640-224
♦   Time to Refill the Pool E4860-225
♦   Pitot-Static Gage E5080-226
♦   Where Water Jets Collide E5300-227
♦   P-51 Mustang E5520-228
5.06  Energy Equation E5740-229
♦   Water Seeks its Level E5960-230
♦   Gear Pump E6180-231
♦   Aquarium Turbines E6460-232
♦   Not a "COOL IDEA" E6620-233
♦   Shipping Maeku E6840-234
♦   Instant Hot Water E7060-235
♦   Pipe Line Flow E7280-236
♦   Torricelli's Theorem E7500-237
♦   Scraped-Surface Heat Exchanger E7720-238
♦   Cardiac Horsepower E7940-239
♦   Heat Powered Elevator E8200-239
♦   Niagara Falls Power E9160-240
♦   Tomato Juice E9300-241
♦   ZULIA - Side Casting Dredge E9530-242
♦   Water Pumped Vertically E9740-243
♦   Light Bulb Efficiency E9980-244