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Majic Fountain

A college physics text presented the figure (excepting the notation, h3). The question:

"To what height above its effluent does the water flow?"

Inspection of the figure raises some questions/conclusions.

  • Whoever has not seen this device might wonder "Does it work?"
  • Operation is not steady; how was it started?
  • "h3" was not notated. Did the author know it is irrelevant?
  • Graphical detail at "A" is unclear. Does the water flow to space or back into "A" ?

In principle, "water seeks its lowest level", applies. The event begins at an "initial state." The catylyst to start the fountain is the prompt lowering of bottle C. A pencil/paper sketch of its initial state (with extensible connecting tubes) shows the device operates.

Prove: (-1) x (-1) = 1

Most of us use this fact without thinking about it.

Premise presently unwritted!