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1.00  Matter in Space and Time

Physics and engineer­ing ad­dress the physical world with the goal of understanding and possibly manipulating reality. However, studies and learning about the real world are restricted, generally, to intense study of books. In effect, early learning about physical reality happens via books - a highly vicarious relation to reality, as it were.

1.01 Basic Methodology

The goal of Engineering Thermodynamics is to "explain" events of physical reality and to predict the future. Thermodynamics is the study of systems and how systems change with energy interactions. Some knowledge groups supporting engineering thermodynamics are physics, mathematics, vectors, calculus, mechanics, language, and other engineering types.

The scope of imformation involved is vast. Its developmenmt has followed a myriad of paths. Also there is no path to follow, to travel retrospectively, to get at the roots or initiation of any topic. Our studies are very much "in the middle." However a "logic of approach" has evolved.