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1.23 Momentum Equation: BODY

Newton's axioms and Laws of Motion are our heritage. Yet to proceed unfettered with the essence of his work requires a new perspective, nomenclature and way of business.

Certainly Newton understood motion of a BODY. But his summary, as three Laws of Motion is not compact. The First Law is a special case of the Second Law. The Third Law is another idea altogether. While the First and Second Laws addressed a BODY (as system), the Third Law applies to force associations within an inter connectivity of multiple BODIES as system.

Today, some 300 years later, Newton's "Second Law" is what is used. And it is perfectly adequate except for its name. "Second Law" makes one wonder, "What's the "First Law?" A better vantage would be helpful. The new vantage proposed here is:

Momentum Equation: BODY   Newton postulated that matter existed, had (measurable) mass, and had motion. Regarding motion, Newton postulated a property, a measure of importance: momentum. Newton used vectors and calculus. Newton stated a law about momentum of a BODY. It is written below.

v (1) Mass is constant but leave the
entity as momentum, mV.

We choose to call the either Newton's Momentum Equation (By his name we know the system is a BODY). Otherwise it might be called: Momentum Equation for a BODY.

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